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For potential buyers of vacant land in Florida, wetlands are just a reality you’re going to have to face. I can’t tell you how many new shoppers I speak with, declare that if the property contains one square foot of wetlands, they want nothing to do with it. Don’t be afraid of wetlands on vacant […]

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If you’re looking to build on a property that doesn’t have access to a public sewer system, the seller may have already disclosed the fact that you’ll need to install a septic tank. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to request a perc test to make sure that a traditional septic system […]

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When you’ve finally found the perfect plot of land to construct your dream home, who do you entrust with its design? The person that you pick will construct the most intimate place in your life – the place you’ve been saving for – dreaming for. The wrong choice can make for a bumpy, not to […]

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