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There is a common misconception that the only way to sell unwanted vacant land is to spend thousands of dollars on a real estate agent and wait years for the right buyer to come along, but that’s simply not true. Here are some secrets that the pros use to sell vacant land FAST without real […]

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There are many benefits using seller financing when buying vacant land and there are two main ways to do that: with a lease-purchase agreement or with a deed and mortgage. This article explains the difference between a mortgage and a lease-purchase agreement. Each offers unique benefits and challenges. First, let’s define them. What’s the Difference […]

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For potential buyers of vacant land in Florida, wetlands are just a reality you’re going to have to face. I can’t tell you how many new shoppers I speak with, declare that if the property contains one square foot of wetlands, they want nothing to do with it. Don’t be afraid of wetlands on vacant […]

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